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Alla Goltsman is an Adwords Certified Copywriter and a Web Developer. She started her 3rd career in Internet Marketing in 2008 while still working as a Computer Consultant for FedEx on IBM iSeries Midrange computers

She has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. Now Mrs. Goltsman brings her accumulated technology and internet knowledge to Small Business community.

Clients in the past were: FedEx, LogiSmart Inc, JFK Medical Center, Popular Club, Matsushita Electric Corp of America (Panasonic), Sumitomo Marine and Fire Insurance Co, Software Management Systems, Inc and Abraham and Strauss.

Our area of expertise is mobile websites development, search engine optimization and Small Business internem Marketing. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses bringing outstanding local results (SEO); WordPress – installation, design, development and original content creation; custom software development; specific business oriented keyword research; domain/web hosting consulting; social media marketing, social bookmarking, video marketing and press releases.

Alla wrote e-books:

7 Deadly Search Engine Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

How Mobile Marketing Pushes Small Businesses to Prosperity

Mrs. Goltsman earned a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics, English Language from Kharkov State University in Ukraine.

She also completed a 2 year Computer Science program, New York University





Alla Goltsman

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